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{NA WvW} ~IoJ~ [MONK] ~Rebuilding and Recruiting!~


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We are a fresh new project seeking to rebuild the WvW guild War Monkeys [MONK]. We are rising from the ashes with a new direction and resurrected vigor. Our goal is to bolster a close-knit, skilled, and consistent fighting unit while encouraging serious play with a fun and enjoyable atmosphere. We are looking for experienced players, but will also help and guide those that exhibit skill and desire to be a meaningful asset to the guild and our raids. Guild functionality and decisions will be decided by the guild leader and our trusted leadership Council.

-We are an open field fight oriented guild.
-We are now on the Isle of Janthir server.

Our current schedule will be:

“Official Runs” Mon- 7pm cst/Wed- 7pm cst: This is just the start, may have impromptu runs or add days as necessary. Members are only required to make one official raid per week, but encouraged to attend more.


To achieve our goals, members are expected to adhere to certain aspects.
1. Comms are required during runs.

2. Attendance is paramount! Irl happens, just let us know! Extended or unannounced absences will result in removal from the guild.

3. Guild Builds are Required! All members must run guild build and comp. Any suggestions or comments can be discussed with the leadership council. Their decisions are final.

4. Use of Discord is required. All of our interactions and guild function is handled here.

5. Potential new members will undergo a trial period which will be evaluated and decided upon by the council.

Looking For

- 21+ y/o

- Team oriented and Motivated

- Consistent play and attendance

- Willingness to improve

- Open to constructive criticism


If interested, join our discord https://discord.gg/KFUzKXEakf  and speak to a council member today!



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