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Content Guide not working for "In Their Footsteps" - HoT chapter

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Struggling a bit on this part - I chose in the previous chapter to aid Tizlak in assaulting the Mordrem and once that was done a simple green star appeared on the content guide with the directive 'Return to Verdant Brink' and I'm to speak to the allies to find out what happened with missing comrades... but there's no direction anywhere!


Verdant Brink is the entire zone!! Right?? What am I missing?


So I looked it up and the Wiki - with equally fervent lack of clarity - guides me to do exactly the same. Return to the zone I'm already in - and speak to Tizlak... I've probably just not paid attention as I rely a lot on the content guide but I now can't find Tizlak and - for a beginner in this zone as you can imagine - I could literally spend hours trying to and possibly not get very far.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!





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