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[UK+EU] [Alph] Mature Guild


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 [Alph] Alpharius
A mature membership guild. Founded several months after launch, [Alph] is seeking to re-grow its modest membership with like-minded players in advance of End of Dragons, and the full implementation of the new WvW format.

Brief Overview: Casual, relaxed PvX, with primary focus on open world PvE. We generally do not raid. Looking to reconstitute our WvW team in time for Alliances.
Major membership countries: UK and EU.
Membership type: Mature (see below).
Peak activity: Later Evenings (e.g., 9pm GMT/ 10pm CET); plus weekends.
Guild language: English.
Discord: available for voice comms on a voluntary basis, and asynchronous chat forums.
Lost Precipice: Max Level Guild Hall with plenty of decorations, and custom race track. Consideration will be given to the EoD guild hall after evaluation and internal discussion. 
Current status: Relatively Quiet, and looking to re-grow active numbers before 2022 and EoD launches. New players (everyone starts somewhere, after all), returning players, and veterans equally welcome. 

Why join?: Mature membership and no drama policy: This is our primary recruitment basis. All members are required to have and display a mature attitude and behaviour – to us, this does not correspond to an arbitrary age limit, and does not mean "overly stiff and uptight without a sense of humour."

However: we expect our members to treat each other with respect and kindness. Instead of making a long and restrictive list of do's and don't's, we'd just ask you to use common sense when talking, and please keep in mind we all play this game to relax from real life. We will not moderate your language when you fail that JP for the fifth time (been there, done that, we know the pain...) but insults at guildmates and hateful angry rants about real world issues have no place in our guild chat.

Our player base consists mostly of slightly older gamers ranging from 20's to 40's, and well beyond that. We come from a bunch of different countries, have different backgrounds, and sometimes playing time gets tight because of career or family responsibilities – therefore, fitting in with our philosophy is most important to us, since we'd rather spend our time actually playing the game in a chilled manner than resolving drama. Don't be scared by this, we mostly don't bite! 

No forced participation: You might be casual, or serious. You might play daily, or only once every so often. You might be a veteran, or relatively new. That’s fine with us. There won’t be any pressure to play more frequently than you are able. We always encourage you to join us for our planned events, but there's no judgement if you'd rather play alone for whichever reason.

No elitism: We are not going to force you to play a certain class, or a certain sub-build of a class, for any collective gaming we might run, although for WvW we do encourage meta builds. We will never hold “trials” to see if you have the right amount of dps, or to see if you place some siege in WvW in the "right" place (but stay on tag 😛). You are welcome to ask for advice regarding your build or tactics, though, and we'll help you out if possible.

Contacts for recruitment / Guild Leadership: Feel free to message or whisper any of us in-game for a guild invite if you feel our guild and philosophy is for you.

Primary Contact: jabberjabber.6804 (aka "Ald").
Other Leaders or Officers to Contact: Tarps.9602 -- Discarnate.6537 -- Shailyn Slay.7234 -- Coreofspirit.7124 


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