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Need help in Coddler's Cove JP for Chuka and Champawat

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JPs are my nemesis when it comes to story content and achievement completion.


I have one achievement left to complete Chuka and Champawat; “Lesson: Caring Coddler’s Cove JP”. 


I’ve gotten close, but numerous, accurate jumps cause me to yell swear words and question my JP sanity.


If anyone wants to help me with this last step, I’m willing to pay 5 gold.


Message me in-game and I’ll swap to the character with the tiger on their back to and use a "Teleport to Friend" complete the achievement. Easy-peasy.


Thanks in advance


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As a general advice, for any JP you find (more) difficult, move your camera as high towards the ceiling as possible. This gives you a far better idea of distances when the distance between jumps is not (as) fixed.

Also, if you have ground-targeted movement skills (such as Vault), you can use that to slowly but surely progress through the entire JP with pinpoint precision. Granted, you're limited in terms of speed by the cooldown(s) of said skill(s).

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