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looking for a guild in north America


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Shrieking Quokkas is a smaller guild started by a couple of Aussies though we seem to have more people in the US/Canada timezones the general feel as a result is fairly laid back and happy for you to just do it your way. 

We're not Raiding because quite simply so far not enough interested people and nobody has wanted to start it up but it's not off the table if someone can put a Raid group together.
A few WvW and PvP but again we don't have dedicated teams at this stage. 

We are very happy to help people, toss around the group and we'll even tag along to lend a hand with something that's giving you trouble. There is a small group who like voice chat which is a great space to toss about those ideas I mentioned given with any group you get a variety of opinions.

We operate on the theory that as an Adult you can decide for yourself what works, there are no heavy requirements to join, no forms to fill out and no interviews unless you count an invite to Discord so you can see what you think of us.

We're happy for members to invite to the guild without having to ask 'permission' from an officer and we also don't mind if someone wants to run an event or activity because that just adds to the fun.

Feel free to check out our Discord, come meet us and see if you'd like to add us to your Guild list.

As for why Quokkas if you aren't aware just jump in and ask us and we'll explain 🙂

This Discord Link could self destruct at any time at the whim of Discord. Please message me if it doesn't work https://discord.gg/jwz4SNG4vX

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