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False Map Change notifications

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This one is driving me nuts, and is extremely apparant in the core Path of Fire maps.

I litterly get a "Few players left" warning every 5 minutes or so. It is almost constant. 

If I take each map change, I'd not even have time to actually play the game.

Now the title says "false" because they likely are. Earlier we were with an almost full squad (45+ at least) doing a bounty and got that exact same popup... 45+ is not "Few players" 

There are tons of examples the last week where we get this popup in maps that have a more than healthy population during events.

The maps affected mostly are Crystal Oasis and Elon Riverlands, but it also happens very frequently in Desert Highlands, Desolation and Vabbi.

Personally I do not experience this at this level in other maps, but others might.

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This whole system can be improved. I usually get these when idling in the Lily of the Elon. When I click to change maps I usually get a new notice to change maps again in 2 minutes.

I also got these notices a lot in Dragonfall. Even when doing the meta there with a large squad the game suggested to move to a new instance because the player count was getting low. But doing this will make players lose their progress in the current map meta.


It's all handled by AI. The AI could be improved to not direct players to a map that will also be marked to be closed soon and in maps with an active meta: check if the player count is still high enough for them to complete the meta first. If that is a yes, then don't show the suggestion to switch.

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