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Noob Question about elite spec


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agreed, but sometimes the elite specs can give som extrastuff into your build.to explain, my necromancer uses a Mark/Wells build with Cleric stats and lifedrain. i never used the shroud either. i got the Scourge Elite spec. i dont use the new scourge skills or weapons, and since they removed the shadestacking, im not making shades either, but the shade abilities pulse of yourself too, so now i have an extra damage option. it made my overal character better, even if i dont fully use the elite spec.same with my revenant, it uses a Torment build with demonstance, but the new renegade's Kalla's fervor makes me deal plenty of extra damage, even through i dont much else of the elite spec.

With a ranger using greatdword/longbow, the new Soulbeast from POF will probably make you alot stronger.

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