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{EU}{PVE raid} Looking for a static raid group


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Hello all!


I'm looking for a "midcore" (not too hardcore, not CM-oriented) raid static group that starts the weekly clear/LI run weekdays at no later than 7 pm Central EU Time (that's 6 pm UK time). The usual start time is 8 pm and that is too late for me. I can commit to two evenings per week,  one for clears and one for training/progress.

I'v been playing GW2 since the beta. My experience with raiding: W1-W3 cleared multiple times, W4 up to Samarog, W6 and w7 first bosses.


I have experience with the following professions/builds: Druid, Alacrigade, Banner Slave, Daredevil (Power/Condi), Heal/Q Scrapper

Account name: Endrosz.3609

Discord: Endrosz#0708


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