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What are your 5 most liked and disliked legendary weapons?

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Hey Guild Wars Community!

Now that the release of the third generation of legendary weapons draws nearer, I wanted to ask: What are your five most liked legendary weapons so far?

And to make it even more interesting: What are your five most disliked weapons from generation one and two?

If you want, you can also add extra information and elaborate on why you like or dislike a certain legendary. Or if you only really like/dislike two or three, then just post those!

So here is my list!

My five most liked legendary weapons (in descending order):

1. The Flameseeker Prophecies
→ I just love this legendary! The whole design of the base shield is extremely detailed and intricate. But its effects when drawn just add a whole new level of magnificence! The blue and radiating light enhances the “protective” area of the shield and the blue turning pages of the book make this legendary feel “alive”.

2. Eternity (includes Sunrise and Twilight)
→ What can I say? A literal blade made of sunlight or the darkness of the universe? Awesome! And the smear like effect when swung is also great. Eternity adds on the magnificence of Sunrise and Twilight by enhancing the aura and adding the beautiful gemstone on the pommel. I wish there was a whole set of weapons in the style of these greatswords!

3. Pharus
→ It has a relatively simple Design and it’s not super extravagant in terms of its effects, but I just adore its look! It reminds of an elven bow from Lord of the Rings but infused with cleansing light. And the fact that it turns all arrows into light arrows is just amazing. I also love that its name is derived from the ancient Greek lighthouse “Pharos”, which stood at the harbor of Alexandria.

4. Astralaria
→ I love this one for similar reasons that I love Eternity for. The whole “cosmos theme” is just something I really enjoy.

5. Bifrost
→ This one may be contentious, but as you can already see, I just love “light themed” legendaries. Bifrost reminds me of Gandalf the White`s staff from LotR but enhanced with the spectrum of the rainbow. The rotating gemstones around the staff just round off the whole look and look really nice.


My five most disliked legendary weapons (in descending order):

1. The Dreamer
→ This is probably unsurprising. It looks horrid, but I could even forgive its look IF and only IF it would not make this absolutely horrible horse sound every time some shoots it. This is the only legendary which can actively annoy people and it takes only one person in a huge Meta-event with it, to annoy 30+ people. But hey, at least we got Chuka and Champawat, so we at least have one good looking shortbow.

2. The Moot
→ Another one of those legendaries that just feel like they do not belong in the game. A disco ball on a stick with trumpets? Really? The only good thing about this legendary is that one can craft a cheap legendary mace for the utility, if one so desires.

3. Quip
→ What an abomination! And another one of these “joke legendaries”. No further explanation needed.

4. Flames of War
→ Oh boy, before the release of this thing, so many players eagerly awaited another legendary torch, because Rodgort is just kind of ugly and boring. But then we got this: A candlestick with horrid design and equally terrible effects. It does not even look like it belongs into a fight. It does not look like a weapon, more like an ugly old antique on a flea market.

5. Shooshadoo
→ An ice shield? Sign me up! Oh wait…. It`s a freaking Quaggan in an aquarium! No thanks! This had so much potential! But the developers decided to put one of the most ugly and annoying races (fight me on that!) into a fishbowl…
Why would one even use such a thing as a shield? It looks like it could break at the first hit it takes. I mean, I really dislike Quaggans, but even I would not put one of them into a glass and use it to defend myself. Animal abuse is not ok! ^^

All of this is – of course – just my opinion. If you like any of these last 5 legendaries then enjoy them, because I mean no offense to anyone!

So, what are your personal favourite and least favourite legendaries?

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Most liked :

5- The predator ( would be higher but rifles are just not necessary)

4- Exordium- Neat effects, wonky color scheme that I've used on many armor sets oddly enough even before it launched.

3- Binding of Ipos- No legendary has the commitment to its theme like this one. Just feels great everytime I find a need for focus!

2- H.O.P.E- Can't bring myself to build it as I already have quip, but always loved the style and color scheme.

1- Flames of War- I know what others feel about this, but in my humble opinion it has the absolute best footfalls/draw effect in the game coupled with being a legendary actually based off of in-game lore reaching back to gw1. PLUS DAT COLOR SCHEME!


Least favorite

5- Kudzu

4- The bifrost

3- Eternity

2- Nevermore

1- Shooshadoo, not because it looks bad, actually I think the art department did a fantastic job with it, I just iiiffennn hate quaggons!

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5. Hope


4. Incinerator (I really like the idea here, and the creativity of it.) 


3. Astralaria


2. Binding of ipos


1. Nevermore (this was the first legendary I crafted) 


Least liked. 


I honestly haven't thought about it much. 

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I'm hopeless at ranking things, I always end up over-thinking it and getting stuck. But here's 5 I like, in no particular order:

The Dreamer - It's the single most absurd weapon I've ever seen in a game and I love it. A short bow that fires entire unicorns. I've had it for years and it still amuses me when I see them flying at my target.

Nevermore - This one is more self-explanatory. I really like the theme and the spirit raven motif. I've heard the collection is good too but haven't gotten around to doing it yet.

Clar of the Khan-Ur - One of my 'main' characters is an Ash Legion charr thief and for years I assumed I'd never find a legendary which is appropriate for him. Then they brought out one which is not only understated enough that it doesn't look totally out of place while also checking all the boxes for legendary effects, and it's also charr themed, so it's perfect.

Xiuquatl - aka snepter. Again fairly self-explainatory. I like the look of the scepter itself and really like the flying snake familiar. It makes me want to use scepter more often just so I can justify making it.

Exordium - I really like the way it changes shape based on the attacks you're using, as far as I know no other weapon does that, and I think a lot of the animations look pretty cool too.

And 4 I don't like, again in no particular order. I couldn't choose a 5th, most the weapons I don't like are just ones which aren't my style or aren't right for my characters, so I'm indifferent to them but don't really dislike them.

Sunrise/Twilight/Eternity - Yes that's 3 together, but they all have the same problem for me. I play with the camera above and behind my character and that makes their blades look blurry muddy brown or blurry reddish-black and not remotely interesting. I couldn't see the appeal at all until I happened to get my camera stuck in a corner next to someone using one and realised if you zoom right in and look at it from the right angle it's more interesting. But an effect you'll almost never get to see in-combat is pretty useless.

Bolt - I'm not a fan of repetative flicking animations, so a lightning themed sword would just irrirate me if I ever used it.

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Most liked:

5. Xiuquatl 

4. Chuka and Champawat

3. Pharus (mostly for the "on crit" effect otherwise this wouldn't be on the list and The Predator would be at number 5)

2. The Binding of Ipos

1. Hylek Optimized Projectile Experiment

If the new gen 3 pistol has both matching projectile sounds and visuals for all of its forms then this would take the first place.

Most disliked: nothing in particular

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Most liked:

  • 1. Eureka - I simply like the giant stone arm on my asura and the footprints that r half as big as my asura itself. (Used it on Herald and will use it on Mechanist in future)
  • 2. Quip - I like the joke factor, tho i am also a big fan of the dye "purple". (Using it currently on my condi holo and will use it on my Mechanist in future)
  • 3. Shining blade - As I said, I really like purple and its fitting perfect to my mesmer. (Using it currently on my chrono and will use it on my Virtuoso in future)
  • 4. Predator - I like the shooting animation, sound and the aura around the character. (Currently rotting in my leggy armory bc rifles r....lets say...there is currently no rifle-build which does good in open world or fractals, was my 1st leggy, crafted it for my deadeye)
  • 5. Xiuquatl / Claw of the Khan-Ur - I like the animations of them and the pet of Xiuquatl. Claw of the Khan-Ur is pretty big for a dagger what I actually like and the skin itself is different from other daggers. Maybe planning to craft one of them if I like Virtuoso or specter enough.

There is not really any legendary that i dislike. Tho Frostfang for example isnt really my taste.

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1. Astralaria - beautiful model, nice understated effects, footfalls, arm aura, draw effect. The only thing I don't like is the ticking audio of the counterweight on the mechanism - after a while it gets annoying so sadly I have to turn unique item audio effects off because of this (which also affects everythings else... :/). The visuals are worth the sacrifice though.

2. HOPE - I don't have this because as a mesmer main there's no point, but if we ever got mainhand pistol this is the first thing I'd start work on. Nice to have a proper sci-fi gun, as a fan of other games like mass effect, warframe etc.

3. Bifrost - rainbow effects can get a bit sickly at times, like eating too many sweets, but it's an elegent weapon with subtle effects, and happens to go perfectly with the prismatic amulet before we get the aurene weapons!

4. Sunrise - I admit the model is ugly, not a fan of wielding surfboards, or the ridiculous hilt. But the skybox and paint effect are totally worth it - in a game that is more like a painting at times, it's like being given a paintbrush to play with. (related note - in some ways prefer Twilight's effects but don't like the model with dark bat wings, so as ugly as both models are I find the gold a bit nicer).

5. Predator - similar to HOPE, I'm a sucker for cool pew pew weapons.



1. Flames of War - even if I had unlimited gold, I'd never waste it on this.

2. HMS Divinity - can I have some of what the person was on when they came up with this concept. xD

3. Dreamer - not a fan of flying rainbow unicorns.

4. Quip - the audio is annoying and don't like the model.

5. Chuka and Champawat - difficult choice as the remainder I don't dislike many of them, but similar to the Dreamer I'm not a fan of the concept.

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- Frostfang 

- Predator 

- Juggernaught 


- Twilight 

There is a reason I mode those first...

🤮 List in no particular order:

- Bolt 

- Dreamer for the audio vomit 

- Quip 

- Minstrel 

- Rodgort 


I'll make a gen 3 sword next, then Flamseeker, Moot, one of the warhorns, then another of the sword and Moot. From there I have no clue what I'll make next. If the gen 3 are easier to get than gen 2 I may just do them for the rest.








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I like:

  • Twilight
  • Pharus
  • Nevermore
  • The Shining Blade

The rest is either meh or has something that ruins it for me visually. For example the Binding of Ipos has a really cool floating spell book, but has that horrible oversized purple claw. I just don't like that part. And as such I can't see myself putting in that much effort for something I only half-like. 

I do want to make a special mention of the Dreamer...I hate that one with a passion. But hey, I'm not the only one playing this game so it's fair enough.

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-Chuka and Champawat...loves my little tigers





Least favorites...

-The Dreamer...the screaming herd of unicorns.. yikes


-The Minstrel


-The Moot






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Most liked:


Pharus - love the light arrows and detail of the bow

Astralaria - love the starry effect on the axe

The Juggernaut - because it makes armor shiny and metallic

Black Dyed Voltaic Spear - I'm going to add this to my top 5 favourites, as this SHOULD be an underwater spear legendary - I don't care that it's not actually in game - if you played the original Guild Wars, then having this spear with a tormented shield and chaos gloves meant EVERYTHING. I know it meant a lot to me, as both brought me such joy. Sad that the tormented shield skin in GW2 isn't as nice though - very plasticy looking and not as detailed as the GW version. Al'ir'aska may be in GW2, but it isn't the same - it doesn't have the animation, and can't be dyed. The best versions were the white dyed, as well as the black dyed, voltaic spears.

Bifrost - because rainbows.



Least Favourite:


Quip - looks like a plastic clown gun or a cheap skin you'd get from wintersday. Very plastic-like and silly looking

Frostfang - too many similar looking ice themed weapons that make it feel obsolete

The Moot - too silly looking, also plastic looking and clown-like

The Minstrel - plastic looking - basic looking skin - pretty average IMO

Frenzy - It just doesn't excite me, as a legendary underwater harpoon gun. I'd much rather have a more sinister harpoon gun skin with nasty piranha-like fish or something that shreds the enemy to pieces, for an animation. I felt this was a very underwhelming legendary.

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Top 5 Favorites:

  1. The Flameseeker Prophecies: it's perfect in every way ❤️
  2. Nevermore: self-explanatory
  3. Xiuquatl: totally oversized for a scepter, should have been a staff - but love the Aztec design and the familiar it summons, as well as the footfalls
  4. Sharur: love the night-time effect and the draw sound it makes
  5. Frenzy: love the swordfish design; the tiny fish effect is fabulous, and the cheesy aquarium colors always make me giggle

5 Least Favorite:

  1. Flames of War: I have no words...
  2. The Dreamer: a legendary princess toy - great; and that neighing... ugh
  3. Quip: another silly toy design; I hate clowns
  4. The HMS Divinity: really?
  5. Exordium: might have fascinating skill effects, but the weapon itself looks like a weird outer world design

5 most disappointing:

  1. The Binding of Ipos: the book was a fantastic idea - completely ruined by the gigantic claw
  2. Verdarach: the size, when held in only one hand, ruins it for me; the instrument should have coiled itself around the character's torso
  3. The Minstrel: wonderful idea, but does look like it was made of plastic - what a shame
  4. Bolt: the constant sound of electric crackling is unbearably annoying (almost as bad as The Dreamer)
  5. Howler: too many ideas crammed into a single weapon; a snake holding a moon makes no sense at all
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They all have the same big problem - in my eyes, anyway - that keeps me from using their "native" appearance: footfalls. Footfalls, alongside all these blankety-blank infusions. are the worst things in GW2. And, again in my eyes at least, the bulk of them are downright ugly. 


Quality of life wise, I love 'em; but for pity's sake give me a toggle to turn footfalls and infusion auras off.

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The best I could manage would be, "which legendary weapons do you dislike the least?"




The Shining Blade

The Bifrost

The Minstrel


I would still reskin any one of them but those five might give me pause for a moment or two.

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Like enough to wish I had:  Bifrost, Astralaria, Exordium, Shining Blade, Predator  (and some more, but those are the top five wish list)

Like enough to have already made:  HOPE, Pharus

Dislike:  Quip, HMS Divinity, Shooshadoo, Flames of War, Gen 1 GS's (and some more I would never use the skins of, but these are the pure nopes)

Basically I like more functional looking weapons and dislike giant joke weapons.  The subtlety of Pharus is sublime for me.  It just wipes me out to gather that much wood and metal, including via buy orders, so I have gone years between making legendaries.

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  1. Astralaria : was first gen 2 legendary I made and put myself through PVE to get it ; actually takes effort and is far more iconic than Frostfang
  2. Exordium : it changes shape and goes well with guardian , necromancer, some mesmers/warriors, and any future revenant build
  3. The Flameseeker Prophecies : the idle state on your back is a bit bland but it has understated footfalls and a page turning animation
  4. Meteorlogicus : the most fitting for elementalists and goes with Sunrise/Eternity/Astralaria as a weaponswap for theme purposes
  5. Nevermore: a fitting necro , druid, and guardian staff as well as any dark themed mesmer


  1. Quip - annoying sound, cartoony look and confetti footfalls --- by far
  2. Dreamer - annoying sound , it's bad enough it looks like it is meant as a child's toy --- also by far
  3. Sharur - bland in the day, infestation at night
  4. Binding of Ipos - if you aren't going for a dark purple infested theme it just doesn't work
  5. Flames of War - not a fan of the aesthetic , but also not fan of HMS Divinity either, Claw of Khan Ur (without footfalls is it legendary looking?), nor the Moot so this is a distant 5th I guess

If the footfalls were better, maybe I would say I like Shining Blade (I have it regardless) same goes for Chuka and Champawat. Juggernaut I thought of making but then the armor shininess is off-putting depending on your armor looks, maybe gen 3 will make a must-buy hammer. I made HOPE since I hate Quip but the footfalls don't go with every look obviously. Incinerator deserves an honorable mention for the draw effect, it's perfect for elementalist and berserker but the actual skin hasn't aged well in terms of texture resolution.

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1. HOPE — I like this Sci-Fi design.

2. Claw of The Khan-Ur — It's more than just a dagger.

3. The Predator — Plasma/fire projectiles, super visible. Maybe I love this because I main deadeye and it's my most used weapon.

4. The Shining Blade — True legendary weapon design.

5. Eureka — It's one of the best mace skins in game.


Least favorite:

1. Quip — Ugly, weird and has annoying sound.

2. The Dreamer — When I heard this weapon for first time, I thought it was a glitch or someone's trolling me.

3. Exordium — Doesn't fit in this game at all.

4. Flames of War — Why would I run with a chandelier in my hands?

5. Verdarach — It's too big.

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Top 5 (in no particular order):

- Flameseeker Prophecies (looks like a real shield + gw1 resemblance)

- Exordium (visually more appealing than Gen.1 greatswords + "shapeshifting")

- Verdarach (probably the most underrated leggy and my next project after finishing another set of armor)

- Xiuquatl (nice theme and comes with a free additional dragon mini)

- Pharus (I like the sleek style coupled with nice effects)


Bottom 5 (in no particular oder):

- The Dreamer (not much to say here, optically a meme and the sound... praise the dev who allowed us to disable item sounds)

- Quip (same boat as The Dreamer... just an acusticaly anoying meme)

- Claw of Khan-Ur (totally underwhelming, looks nearly the same as the Gw1 HoM weapon)

- Shooshadoo (yes, a Quagan in a fishbowl might look cute... but given how thick this... thing... is, it's so far off from something I can imagine even remotely useable as a shield, I'm out here)

- that's actually just four, towards the rest I'm either indifferent or I like them (just not quite as much as my top 5)

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It's hard to pick because most legendaries have a very distinctive look and you usually have to build your outfit around it to match.  Having said that, Exordium is my hands down favorite.  The color scheme is beautiful and I love the class-specific animations.  Pharus is probably my second favorite.  Maybe Verdarach for third place?

On the other hand, I love all of the silly legendaries, too!  Dreamer, Quip, the baby quaggan fishbowl shield.  They're all fantastic right down to the annoying sound effects!  I know the next round of legendaries will be Aurene-themed, but I'd love it if they'd throw us a bone now and then with a silly legendary.

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