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Fc Static looking for 1 experienced player.

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Hi guys were looking for 1 member to join our team.


we raid monday and wendsday 7 30pm gmt+1 

were all experienced old raiders and would like to get a veteran player to join us.

we use discord its a must, 77 kp dhuum, magical fire djinni 1 & 2 77kp, kp.me for verification.


we are not toxic elitists we dont expect you to have 95% bench to join that would be ridiculous,

all we ask is that you be competent in your role and to be able to play multiple roles not just dps. 


mechanics over mindlessly mashing buttons anytime. 

if you are interested contact me ingame MarkoNs.3261 or icewolf.1076 (leader). 

you can also join our discord if you have questions https://discord.gg/WDXBsJfjb3


hope to see you ingame 🙂

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