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Server Recommendation for Small Roaming Guild

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Heya - a few friends and I want to transfer to the same server to roam together. Any recommendations for where to find the best environment?


We're all pretty experienced with spvp and have played plenty of WvW in the past - but have been out of the scene recently.


Forgot to clarify - we're on NA

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You should probably specify if you are playing on EU or NA servers.

Generally the enviroment for roaming depends just as much if not more on the enemy servers than your own, and those change weekly. Middle tier matchups tend to offer the best experience (or at least the most variety) but even T1 or T5 can be fine, on EU anyway. And server aren't guaranteed to stay where they are right now, because transfers and relinking can always shake things up. So if you don't want to join a specific guild/group of players and don't already have a certain preference (or aversion), it doesn't really matter, which one you pick.

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