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Siegeraiser! Still Awesome, But ...


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Commander Siegeraiser (what Arenanet term the "Breakout Event") is still a mighty hero when he decides to show up, but ...


1. You need FIVE people to spawn him. It's ridiculous. Where are we supposed to conjure that many people from?! We can't just pluck them from out of thin air. Hello grandad, it's 2022, people don't play if their team's had a jolly rogering. They just don't. This number should be two, if not ONE. Or even zero. Why not have continual automatic Siegeraiser-and-Dolyak assaults until he caps his goal?


2. He's rocking 2012 siege. It's 2022. Enemies can ride across the map at breakneck speed (okay, maybe not breakneck, but it's still much faster than the walking they used to do back when Siegeraiser emerged from the spawning vats) to end your pathetic attempts to regain the flimsiest of footholds.


3. Even Cal said he should one-shot the gate.


4. The whole thing needs a massive buff. Being beaten is crap. Handicapping is the only answer, Siegeraiser was a great first step, but we needed much more of it.

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the five people rule is perfectly fine.


but yeah, he could/should be stronger probs;

and maybe have some legendary defenders (or how the guys standing at spawns exit are named, obviously without invuln tho) with him. also, upgrading the siege to a special, more potent, tier would be a cool idea. imo it is quite impressive how he overall works, but big time outdated.


about 4), u cannot just not miraculously summon players from nowhere lol. if ur heavily outnumbered due to some US guilds playing EU late night timezone, cannot do a lot.


they could make the updated versions of siegecrusher/razor however also be able to attack the far towers - with the IF: outnumbered active.

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