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Anet. This combination should be deleted [Trailblazer's]

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In June of 2015, a few months before HoT and it's four-stat gear like Trailblazer's, the entire trait system was reworked and one could no longer get stats like expertise and concentration from them.  This opened up build diversity by having stats reliant more on gear than on specific profession traitlines.

I wouldn't be so quick to throw four-stat gear out the window.  Obtaining certain stats are still highly reliant upon gear.

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On 1/5/2022 at 10:42 PM, Voltekka.2375 said:

Ooooor (and hear me out, here) git gud 

Also, remove all other skills except autoattack. Balance achieved.

Revenant and the new necro auto atack would be OP ahah


I believe some specs have some boosted/extended  carry momentum with it but that isnt  a reason to remove  stats from the game and there several situation that m8 be happening.

the only situations that are more obvious imo are when its a coeficient/balance issue with  lack of real trade offs wich might leads to condi burst overperfomance extended and surviability in  some cases, or the class is fighting some spec that was not made to cover high condi pressure over long time wich  means that he should be  playign with someone to cover where its class/spec/builds lacks, for some reason Anet made scrapper broken in support lol...

If i recall trailblazer doesnt give toughness most dps specs and if range the better should deal with this roles or pressure them to comit mistakes.


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5 hours ago, Hannelore.8153 said:

PvP has already been sanitised by deleting things, lets not delete anything more from WvW too.

PvP is a lot more FUN to play than WvW.due to this. It's time WvW gets the same treatment.

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3 hours ago, Shiyo.3578 said:

What logic is this? Marauders isn't main stat toughness, nor is it double double defensive stats.


Same concept as Trailblazer--Marauder allows you to have offensive options as well as providing Vitality, making it practically best in slot outside of pure glass (Berserker / Assassin).  


I'd wager Vitality is actually way more important than Toughness due to the state of the game revolving around boons for survivability, and it's my main problem with both Trailblazer and Marauder.  That is take Vitality add barrier, create practically unkillable bunkers...

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