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New Asura Hairstyles

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1 hour ago, rhrrngt.9271 said:

Why is the nicest ponytail hairstyle male only?  Rather annoying all the female hairsytles have GIANT bows covering them up and the ONE long ponytail without is only available on male...

Yep. I keep saying that both sexes (i.e. female and male) should have access to ALL options. Wonder when Anet will finally do it.

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I'd be happy if they managed to separate hair and accessories for at least some of the hairstyles, so we could choose if we wanted the giant bow/pin/headband/whatever to show. One of the new male asura hairstyles looks great...but there's a dragon-shaped metal headband that just looks dreadful and, in my opinion, ruins the whole thing. Would have loved to have that raggedy ponytail/dreadlocks without the goofy looking headband. Sadly, I doubt that's possible...

...but yes, asura females having access to the new male hairstyles (and vice versa, I suppose) would be nice, or at least for just that one style. The long ponytail seems perfect for a lady 'sura.

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3 hours ago, Zebulous.2934 said:

  Wasn't there a thread a few months ago complaining that they gave human women a traditionally male hairstyle?  I suppose the Asura can escape accusations of cultural insensitivity.... 

I found the misplace drama in that thread entertaining. 

Is any of the asura hairstyles heavily influenced by real-life cultural hairstyles? I'm asking because I don't know. In that thread you mention, the discussion was about culturally "inadequate" hairstyles, not gender options for hair.

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