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Point of no Return mastery

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I've seen streamers do it on guardian (or another class with ready blocks). I did it on thief. Took me a number of tries, though, due to just generally being unfortunate.

Having additional speed from signets or otherwise also helps with the bomb run phase and dodging those claws.
EDIT: good camera rotation/control helps too, especially to predict those quake patterns.

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10 hours ago, Linken.6345 said:

Are you EU or NA?



7 hours ago, Sarius.9285 said:

it's honestly super easy, with how strong classes got since HoT

This is not about strength. There is very little damage to be done on the last mission, but lots of dodging. Dodge the plant bombs, dodge the earthquakes and meanwhile prevent shadows from extinguishing the flames. More people means that they can activate the bombs faster and more easily prevent extinguishing.

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