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Power Wrench not working?

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I was testing the Asuran golem elite skill last night using the trait power wrench which is supposed to reduce the cooldown of your elite skill by 3 seconds when you dodge.  I tried dodging in and out of combat, but it didn't reduce the cooldown of any of the three asuran golem elite skills.  Is this a bug?  Or is there an intended nerf for racial elites?


I wanted to make an Asuran using the golem elite summon and golemancer runes.

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1 hour ago, kybraga.7103 said:

I don't think it affects any racial skills. They're a weird exception to a lot of traits that reduce cool downs.


Oh. I didn't know...


I guess Anet wants racial abilities to be 110% useless instead of just 100%.  

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