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NA mornings Fulgur Auri wvw+pvp+alliance

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We do wvw daily in the NA mornings (around 6-9am Utc-5 ie east time rn) We dont do meta and we dont do the typical stack on tag. We have formations with several lines just like medieval armys used to. Since we have several lines/groups we always need people willing to be "sub-commanders" for each platoon. So if you are a commander you can still do so with your group.

A lot of Fun if you are looking for something different, yet organized and efficient.

Im the GM and i run that timeslot, but will sometimes do trainings in guild hall or in pvp in the same timeslot. (There is a lot of wvw content that can be practiced outside of wvw for those in other servers) 

We currently have one officer that does pvp mondays and wednesday nights (10pm utc-5 east) and alliances for wvw nights and map completion nights and new players guidance.

Im looking for guilds that would like to have my people participating in their guild activities during my off time. And of course i would love to have your guildies coming over to my activities during your off time. If your guild does other game modes thats even better. 

Im also looking for officers that want to take other timeslots and/or participate in those that already exist.

My goal is to cover as many timeslots as possible with activities from my guild and our allies, and reduce the load for each guild.

Members should participate at least once per week (either coming to an activity, going to an ally guild activity, donating materials, or being active in discord)

Finally, we love teaching and we have a lot of resources in our discord server. We are small and family friendly. Everyone is invited!

Alliance link: https://discord.gg/pBN2JSDqzf

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