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I'm challenging the development team to enforce the conduct this game promotes or face the backlash of whatever community is left.


Players are running programs to enhance damage, ability cooldowns, run speed, range, auto evade, auto targetting siege, ports from professions that do no have that ability into keeps and towers not gained by siege.


I have been threatened in messages from a moderator of these forums and other players for calling out the rampant cheating and obvious to everyone hacking.


I haven't broken policy by typing this post and I'm recording every day the cheating and hacking, along with commnetys in chat and message from moderators.


You have an obligation to all the playerbase who has never cheated or used a macro chain which is not allowed but used by so many players, to enforce and regulate the ruleset for WvW game m ode.


You have failed in this like so many other gaming companies and no one's putting up with anymore. 


Just look at the mass exodus of every game this past year that lost a substantial playerbase because the players have figured out your games not worth the trouble and the failure to adress these issues.

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