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[EU][PvX/WvW] "No fear - [BumP] is here!" We are actively recruiting on Aurora Glade !

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Guild Name:   Crazy Bumper Stickers [BumP]
Members:   100-200  (from all over the World)

Server:    EU - Aurora Glade
Type:   Casual / Laidback PvX Guild with active Players & Commanders in WvW


The Crazy Bumper Stickers [BumP] based on Aurora Glade [EU] are currently recruiting active WvW Players & Commanders.

We ain't hardcore, but we'll try to help you find your place in the great battles of WvW and progress in the game.
The BumP Community offers loads of useful things on the official Guild Website, monthly Fun Guild Events, some PvP Matches and also some PvE Raids, since some experienced member of BumP having fun on teaching our Guildies.

For all other PVE or PVP content you will always find people from the Guild joining you easily, when you give them a shout in Guild Chat or on our LFG Discord Channel


We feature:

  1. Daily active Discord & chilled Voice Chats
  2. Experience from every Game Mode
  3. Weekly WvW Training Raids, WvW Causual Runs & PPT-Squads
  4. Help in other aspects of the Game. Join for chilled VoiceChats & Permabuffs.



  1. Join Voice during Raids (listening is fine - being vocal is helpful)
  2. To be able to attend our WvW Raids, if u have a chance to
  3. Willing to improve skills and performance
  4. Representing while raiding is required - Representing in general is prefered, appreciated & will be rewarded with more rights for Guild-Bank & in Discord


Additional Infos:
Website            https://www.the-bump-guild.com
Discord-Link    https://discord.gg/rYphgaEQ64
Youtube            https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2ShrV9NMnZxGDoLfzSAQKg


Contacts In-Game (and Discord):

Founder/Leader: Eloanda Dark Candy.9365  (Discord: [BumP] Desertbabe#9623)

Leader: Bigfeet.3024  (Discord: [BumP] Manwi Noname#4176)

Officer/Commander: Vortexian.3954  (Discord: Vortexian45#1826)


Current Alliances for WvW [BumP] is in:

Just Different Alliance [JuDi]  -->  Discord: https://discord.gg/EUbsUUshQz (this Community is new and actually looking for Guilds to ally up with)

Legacy of Aurora [AurA]  -->  Discord: https://discord.gg/WxuNA3sdGT


If you are interested to join our little Community, apply through our Website, Discord or message one of our Officer/Leaders directly in Game.


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  • Eloanda Dark Candy.9365 changed the title to [EU][PvX/WvW] "No fear - [BumP] is here!" We are actively recruiting on Aurora Glade !

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