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Fifth Sunset Guildhall (Decoration capped)

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A few years back I started decorating in my former guild's guildhall and found myself truly enjoying it (I'm primarily a WvW player).  Several projects and many thousands of gold later, the guildhall was decoration capped, but wanted to keep decorating.  I took my pocket guild and bought a guildhall, and began leveling up the guild solo (albeit with some help in the form of PvP potions and Silverwaste shovels).  Now, after two years of decorating...and again thousands of gold...I've managed to decoration cap my 2nd guildhall, only this time being the only decorator in the guildhall.


I've included a few screenshots as well as a video tour of the guildhall below.  Please enjoy!  Don't hesitate to ask any questions or leave comments below.  Thank you!


PS. Sorry for the length of the video, but I wanted to share every aspect of the decorated guildhall.


https://imgur.com/45HnpdP (image 1)

https://imgur.com/Cvj7mUh (image 2)

https://imgur.com/d12oF7Z (image 3)





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