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Special characters in guild names?

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1 minute ago, Inculpatus cedo.9234 said:

Does the game allow you to type them in?  If so, I'd guess so. Though, I've never seen any; on the other hand, I rarely bother to right-click someone to see the full guild name rather than just the Tag. 

I recently saw a guild with the ' in it and since then I'm been stumped on how to acquire that for a guild name idea I have.  I may contact the devs and see if it's possible.

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16 hours ago, DanielKingston.3947 said:

Are special characters allowed in Guild Names, or even characters such as ($, £, ', #, [, ], etc...)

Only accents are allowed, such as accent grave, accent aigu and accent circonflexe, also ligatures and umlauts. Those are the ones I know of, since I have used them in the past and they worked. No brackets, currencies or anything of the kind.

Make sure that you know how an umlaut or a vocal with accents is pronounced, or how the ligature is pronounced, before using them. I have seen poor souls foolishly using them in their names "because they look cool" (or because the name was already taken) and having no clue whatsoever how that changes the pronunciation of their name. So educate yourself before making the same mistake.

Edit: What's there to be confused about I wonder. :classic_huh: What I wrote was crystal clear. Or is it because you don't understand how using such letters without caring about their pronunciation makes you look like an ignorant schmuck? 😂

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