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Heart of Thorns Deluxe Version - Not available.

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I am not able to buy Heart of Thorns Deluxe Version in the Gemstore.

I bought the Core game, HoT, PoF and EotD.

I upgraded to Core Game Deluxe Version and PoF Deluxe Version from the Gemstore. EotD Deluxe is available in the Gemstore, but not purchased yet.

I have been addressing this issue the last few years, through a support ticket. The answers seems to be the same more or less every time. "We are aware of the issue and it will be fixed in a future patch".

I am a veteran player, been playing since launch. So when is this "future mysterious patch"?  -That apperantly have been an issue since HoT got released.

Am I the only one, with this issue?

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