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On 1/9/2022 at 8:45 PM, Shao.7236 said:

This makes me lean on the side that Anet doesn't do the bots, they're purely player based.


17 hours ago, wondermuffin.9680 said:

I keep seeing bots in ATs now as well. There's a particular team called "good girl" - sometimes even TWO teams (10 bots) with that id - and they afk or dc at the start of the game. Sad, because I thought ATs would be better.


6 hours ago, Azure The Heartless.3261 said:

They're just all part of the same RP guild its fine


I friended about 8 bots of similar name last season. By the end of the season they had over 1000 games each and hovered around the 1200 rating mark.

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On 1/8/2022 at 8:50 AM, bethekey.8314 said:


First of all, interesting engie build! 


Naming each character "Coinme" plus a number chronologically shows utter defiance and disrespect to the developers and most importantly to other gamers. 


Meanwhile, me, a customer who buys gems,  got a 3 day suspension for using a harmless cursor software  because the in-game cursor is terribad in pvp. It's even worse when using free camera and targeting enemies behind me. I've since deleted it. Since 2012, ppl have been asking for a better cursor and were never heard. 


Back to the topic on hand, kinda shameless for naming each bot CoinMe(x) - they got away with the obnoxious naming because they prolly know the devs wont do a thing. 


Who runs this company and why are priorities messed up?

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