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Gift of Battle


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Adding Gifts of Battle to other games mode isn't awful. So, as an example, make it so we need to buy them with raid currency or fractal currency? Right now, i'd farm Raids/Fractals for weeks on end, than step foot in WvW. It's really really off putting and breaks my playtime, and forces me to reconsider purchasing Gems due to the PAIN that is WvW for me. But, my friend LOVES WvW, has no desire to make legendaries and has like 15 GoB in her bank she has no use for. She would love to trade them to, or sell them on the TP. I'd be happy to sink gold into a GoB instead of "doing the dailies."

TL;DR: Make Gifts of Battle Tradeable and I will spend more real world money in the kitten gem store.

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