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[DIS] Dissentient | [NA] [WvW] [Mag]


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Dissentient [DIS] is a small-scale, fight-focused guild returning to WvW after a long hiatus. We're looking to fill a few roles in our core roster.

Currently based on the Maguuma server.

Current Schedule: NA EST

  • 3 Comped Raids weekly, beginning around 8:30p EST [Wednesday, Friday, +1 (currently being finalized).
  • Havoc night on Mondays.
  • Pop-up raids throughout the week.

We're looking to add 1-2 support Firebrands, 1 Spellbreaker, 1 Necro (Reaper + Scourge).
Open to additional roles on a per-application basis.

For more details please message Ruq#5396 (Ruq.5396 in-game) or join our discord at https://discord.gg/dissentient


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