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Deadeye's Mark vs World Bosses, Large Enemies and Structures is completely broken

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I recently started a new thief character, got it to 80 and am having a blast.


I noticed a big problem whenever it comes to destroying any objective or larger enemy that have those target arrows over certain segments of their body instead of standard targeting like normal enemies.


Examples of these types of enemies with the segmental targeting include Tequatl, Claw of Jormag, and other dragon lieutenant type enemies have their arms and heads as possible targets, Octovines or giant wurms and elementals where there is a big model above the actual hitbox, which is in the floor under them, and enemies like them.


When trying to use Deadeye's mark on  those types of enemies it sometimes works normally, but very frequently one of three things happens.


  1. Deadeye's Mark goes on a 3 second cooldown without doing anything (especially common for structures, like Jade Cannon & Octovine, probably because the actual hitbox center is obstructed)
  2. Deadeye's Mark hits, but using abilities on the target doesn't generate any Malice no matter what part you hit
  3. Deadeye's Mark hits, but you need to hit a specific part of the enemy to gain Malice.


So the normal scenario for me vs a multipart boss or structure:

- I use Deadeye's Mark on it.

- If the target isn't like a structure, it usually works. If it's like a structure, i.e. Jade Cannons and Octovine, I usually get a random 3 second cooldown with nothing happening.

- On successfully marking an enemy, I try to hit it with any ability other than Skirmisher's shot, my abilities don't generate any malice whatsoever. This applies to both melee and ranged weapons. I'm assuming Skirmisher's shot works only because it penetrates through the enemy and lands on a hidden target in the back?


The inverse problem occurs with expending Malice, because you actually need to hit your marked target to deal extra damage and lose malice. If there's another segment in the way, even if it belongs to the same enemy, you don't use Malice.


Sometimes refreshing the mark on the same target fixes it, but it's very frustrating.

This is obviously important because Deadeye's mechanics rely on them gaining and spending malice constantly to maintain buffs and also deal damage. Not a problem in PvP but very hard for big PvE events where most big bosses and objectives have that type of targeting.

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