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Explain this one to me Anet

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How can this game be even remotely competitive when this happens to fight-deciding skills?



To summarize:

- I have low ping and no lag

- Target is in range and on level ground

- Target is immobilized and cannot dodge

- Target is not desynced, and places a trap centered on the same position after the immobilize

- I am not blinded


Plenty more examples of this happening:


Fix your kitten Anet.

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ANet for whatever reason seems to love slow-moving projectiles with no homing ability over long distances. The code for homing projectiles is there, they just won't use it. And I have no idea why they do that again and again and again and again and again: rifle and longbow on warrior (and also the axe throw, probably), all the new Virtuoso skill, rifle\pistol on engi,. They all miss all the time, and the only explanation as to how they passed beta testing at all must be because ANet is testing everything on golems

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Pistol 2-4 hit when they want to

Flamethrower whiffs when you stand 0.1 mm off the ground

Rife skills like to fire at ghosts

Nades are RNG so you just get unlucky sometimes. 

Soon we'll have a Neon green glowstick with dementia to complete the experience. 

I love this game.

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