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Please check out my first youtube video! Hidden places out of bounds of regular maps


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Keep up making vids, content creators are very important to keep GW2 relevant.
On the other hand, and I'm just being honest, there are lots of vids like this one and many if not all of the places/oob-spots have been known, documented and displayed for many years now, so it's not exactly "hot news" or "WoW, so amazing!" at least not for me.
If I may lend some advice, beatuful vistas and generic music does not stand out and are not memorable. Try to put your personality into your vids, do something special and unique. Maybe it's something you are very good (or very bad) at, comment and catch an audience with your voice and banter, google what sort of GW2 content is there in abundance and then stray away from it as far as possible.

Anyway, as said above, keep it up, I'm looking forward to what you will put out next.

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