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Town Capacity

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Please fix this & put things back to normal!!! It's so frustrating since Kamadan is the trade meca of the game & if people can't get to your district to buy or sell... If buyers/sellers change dist they lose their place in party formation(where alot go to find things to buy/sell) There are many frustrated just like me over this also. FIX IT!!!!!!!!

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3 minutes ago, Flint Lightning.1468 said:

your some kinda special hey? I'm a 16yr player. you don't think I've tried all avenues thus far? think again I posted here so these guys see it.

I do not care if you played for 16 days or for  16 years. The way you post here on the GuidWars 2 forum (with emphasis on the two) shows that GW1 is a game that has no future to me. It was once a nice population, but guess the nice guys all moved along. All I. Cedo did was trying to be helpfull. We didn't decide to give so lil attention to GW1. We didn't decide GW2 is the main game and we didn't decide to not handle your requests to "fix" something. Just cause you are not heard does not mean you can attack helpfull people. The two links you posted are the way to get assistance. If that fails, I'm very sorry, but it is also an answer.

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