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Can't destroy items in inventory.

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Sure you typed the name in exactly, same capitalization, spacing, and punctuation?  Some items have apostrophes (soandso's item) - make sure you are using the right apostrophe there.  I have not had a problem - destroyed 3-4 items last night as part of the Bolt III collection.  Somewhat annoying I have to type in the name for an item whose description says 'this is only useful as part of a collection'



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Small hint:

- shift-click on your item you want to destroy (the exakt item ist posted to the chat, but not sent so far)

- press Alt-A (select all), Ctrl-X (copy/cut to clipboard)

- destroy your item, in the popup-confirmation-dialog press Ctrl-V (insert), then press backspace to delete the closing bracket, Pos1 and Remove to delete the opening bracket. Press OK.

- You're done. 🙂

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