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[NA][PVE]Returning Player Looking For Active PVE Guild

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Hi there.  
Shrieking Quokkas is fairly newish, and still considered small, just clocked over 70 members  we do have a guild hall and the interior decorators are having fun in there.
The bonus of us being a relatively small guild is we don't have any long term cliques and so far no overinflated egos. There's a decent mix of interests in game we're working on some strike teams and a couple people are running regular Fractals.
Anything you want to do just give a shout and people are likely to jump onboard for the fun of it. 

Timezones are split between SEA and US times, most of the Discord voice activity seems to be US evening/Aussie Daytime though we're working at expanding that given the founders are in Oz. Our most active times seem to so far be from around 4hrs prior to daily reset and 10 hrs after.
We'd like to see voice chat get busier because it's a great space to toss ideas about but it's not mandatory.  We don't insist on repping nor do we have class/build/playstyle requirements. The assumption is that we are all Adults and will play how we each enjoy the game.   We have a pretty sold group who like to help out and of course everyone has an opinion on everything so plenty of backup.
There are no joining requirements, no forms to fill out, no entrance interviews apart from your ability to see if you like us first. So if you're looking for helpful, laidback and chill that would be us.

As for why Quokkas...... well drop into the Discord and we'll tell you.

Come check us out and maybe you'd like to make us one of your 5 Guilds to hang out with. This Discord link may  self destruct at random intervals, only Discord knows!
Let me know if it stops working


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