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Window 11 is unsupported OS?

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Would some please explain this? how window 11 is an unsupported system? isn't it officially released already? support kept replying with the same, so am having connections issue starting today, everything was fine yesterday, no lag, no delays or disconnections, sent to support earlier and now they wont help me because I have window 11...


Seriously... so should I downgrade, if that is even possible now, sigh...


Frustrating... game simply is unplayable now.

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Sadly you're not the first player with this issue and you won't be the last. Officially the game supports Windows 7 and better. Now Windows 11 is obviously newer than Windows 7, but is it better?

There are no official announcements about Windows 11 not being supported. You either search the forum before upgrading or you find out the way you did, by having Support deny your request.


<img src="https://i.imgur.com/nVJX9Zy.png" />

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I'm using Win11 and the game plays fine, except one of my accounts seems broken on the server side.  That account is broken on Win11 and Win10.  It could be that some recent changes have made playing 2 accounts on the same client impossible, but I don't have space for a second install.  What happens is the game crashes every time I try to open the trading post/gem store.  I know it's not the OS because I have a machine that is still running Win10 and the account is broken there too, although I did manage to get a couple transactions done somehow before a second opening of the trading post crashed it.  This account seems to be functioning normally.  I'm not going to be downgrading to Win10 as this is a brand new machine, so they need to get onboard and start supporting the OS, and fix my account too.  I won't be buying anything on the gem store for that account until things are working, obviously, since I can't buy anything due to the game crashing.  Not sure it's worth playing that one either.  So, one account is broken on both OSes and the other is working normally, and both share client software.  I think I might try swapping the software to the other other account's client and see if that swaps which account is broken.  If that happens, that will narrow down the server -side code causing the issue.  It would then be something checking the product code against the account, I think.

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52 minutes ago, Shroedingers Chupacabra.29 said:

What happens is the game crashes every time I try to open the trading post/gem store.

That's a server-side bug that's been around since October. It will fix itself after a few days and can reoccur / happen to anyone every few days when opening the BLTC.

You should still be able to access the trading post by opening it directly - right-click an item to sell or visit a trading post NPC. If you can't, delete the gw2cache folder(s) under %temp%. You can temporarily fix the problem by searching the trading post for: I am Evon Gnashblade

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Ok...my secondary account seems to be working again today, so someone fixed something.  I opened the market twice and no crash...on Win11 here.  I've been running the game on Win11 for roughly 2 months, I think, and I haven't had any Win11 based issues, that I know of.  Hopefully there won't be any other issues as I can't really go back without buying Win10, and likely reinstalling all my software.  I figure I'll just stop playing any account that breaks, other than doing festivals, if I can, and if both break I'll go play some other games which shall remain nameless.

BTW, the rightclick thing did NOT work in my case, even after clearing the cache.  I did am uninstall and reinstall of the whole game, including removing any left-over files, on a Win10 machine and still had the issue.  I even made sure I used the client software from the secondary account's content page.  I'm not going to use that machine for game play though, as it produces about 1/2 the FPS that the new one does in low graphics settings (medium on new machine is 2X).

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