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Anyone else having issues to edit posts?


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I've been trying to correct little mistakes in some posts in the last few days and for some reason the edit button is not working as it should.

Pushing the double arrow "edit" button does change the bottom of the forum page into a " typable" window but somehow i am unable to click inside the editing zone to put down my cursor and perform actual edits. The buttons for CANCEL EDIT and ACCEPT EDIT are also unclickable.

As a CREATED post ( by me) i am able to edit this thread just fine. But replies on other posts seem to be the ones bugging out.

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It does seem to be an invisible element covering the upper side of a post when trying to edit it.

Let me try and edit the page and inspect the elements to see...

Edit: Yup. The problem is in a div with the class "Signature UserSignature". Hiding signatures should be a temporary fix.

That or using the browser's wev development tools to edit the page and remove or resize the div.

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