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Link Textile Formatting Instuctions Instead of Markdown Wiki Below Each Post, Please

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How do I mask spoilers in my posts?

I just found out.

There are clear instructions, in the old forums:https://forum-en.guildwars2.com/forum/faq/Either bring it back or prepare an instruction sheet, please.

Don't just link me to the Markdown wiki page. I only want to know how to mask spoilers, not get educated on something I will not use otherwise in my daily life.

Also: URL link dropdown menu box will not allow R-Click paste.

Not everyone is at your skill capacity, dear devs.

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You can just select the text and then use the ribbon to mark it as a spoiler, until you learn the syntax.

Vanilla™ also offers some interesting keyboard shortcuts, e.g [Ctrl]+L on highlighted text produces the syntax need for a link (if you have the URL copied, you can just paste it). Similarly, [Ctrl]+

  • B for bold
  • I for italics
  • S for strikeout
  • O for Code
  • L for Links

There's probably one for spoiler, but I haven't found it.

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