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The only difference I noticed is "loss of Server Identity".

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8 hours ago, Silverleaf.4978 said:

Still outnumbered.

Still hacks around.

Still unbalanced.

We lost our Server Identities (that is now our alliance affiliation oO) but everything else is the same?


you forgot:
still MASSIVE SKILLLAGS when fighting 50+ vs 50+ vs 50+ (HOW THE hell can this be after 10years???)  with some Luck you get a skill through hammering it for 5-8secods

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It is pretty stupid right now. The team I have been assigned to is outnumbered on every map and we are already being spawn camped 😄. If balance cannot be ensured, why even test it for a whole week? There literally is no point in playing WvW or "testing" it, if you can't even leave your camp. 

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