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Some of the best and most useless down skills

seraph shay.6170

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There os a bit of a balance between down states in that the classes that tend to do the most damage or have self recovery/good natural bulk in downed state tend to be the easiest to stomp and vice versa. Ele is the most extreme example for where it has really crappy 1 and 3 skills plus the worst natural bulk but the 2 skill leaves no reliable way to stomp it on first attempt qnd can go through/thief portals a factor that used to be mich more highly valued than in todays current meta and has historically been considered overpowered and requested to be nerfed.


On opposite end necro has excellent damage, excellent natural bulk and the life siphon lets it win out most down vs. downs comfortably, but the 2 skill for stomp interrupt is quite easy to play around being slow, single target, and negated by most safe stomping measures including resistance which no other down 2 skills are countered by.


The rest of the classes fall somewhere in between in how strong their stomp avoidance is compared to their damage/sustain prowess while downed. I would say ranger is a bit of an outlier in how strong pet res is especially in this low damage meta making bleeding them out not really an option combined with how their downed damage + stomp avoidance are both quite strong with a fast aoe non projectile interrupt on 2 and pets still fully operational for possibly more cc + damage. And that isn't mentioning how buggy lick wounds tends to be with invuln pet resses.


I would personally put mes as the second best overall downed state as they are nearly as unstompable as ele yet hit like an absolute truck by comparison with the 1 and 3 skills. With that being said, aside from ranger id say all the downed states are reasonably balanced just with different strengths and weaknesses which I would consider good and none of it is game breaking including ranger.

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4 hours ago, lightDestroyer.1265 said:

I said different,  better or worse us subjective.  

It's actually very easy to objectively consider down states. They're simple. If you think that Ranger down state does not outperform Engineer down state in the vast majority of situations, you're delusional.

2 hours ago, CutesySylveon.8290 said:

No, we can draw some definitive conclusions that some are far better than others. 



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