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WvW jan 14 beta- insta reque after locked out and qued @ reset

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I got the wonderful insta reque bug tonight at reset. 😠 Got the gold locks on all maps at reset 9:03 EST then maybe a minute later it went to a high que number in my guild (40's - 60's) but that dropped relatively quick(5mins ish). Finally got to number 1 in que to Travel to 43 in que 😠 ( I was in LA btw standing at the Red BL portal)


 i'd rather there just be a line, 🙂 log on  max 2 hours before reset and que for reset get your ticker number and wait without logging out vs showing up early, spam @ reset and don't get in immediately, get stuck in a que and wait for the number to drop and when your Q pops server says no thank you and you get bounced and put at the back of the line and get to wait  2+hrs a second time to try it all again.😞 (currently 35th @ 9:13) (30th @ 9:30) (26 @ 9:47) (24rth @ 10pm est) (12th @ 10:30pm) (6th @10:45) (3rd @ 11pm)


A 2 hour wait seems broken when you are there before reset. (and if it all comes down to can you click a button fast enough in a 3 second window) Not to mention it's not even definite that you'll even get in. You might just get bounced to the back of the line again.


Finally got in at 11:06 but that's only because a large number of people started logging off at 11pm as usual. fights weren't the same. missed the majority of the night.

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  • Kelly.7019 changed the title to insta reque after locked out and qued @ reset
  • Kelly.7019 changed the title to WvW jan 14 beta- insta reque after locked out and qued @ reset


8 hours ago, Rabbitsocks.3726 said:

i expect some wvw claim tickets for this whole frustrating mess. this is stupid. missed out on my entire guild run making this whole ordeal completely backwards to the purpose of it even existing.


Since this is a beta that we cannot opt out of, it would be nice if they would simply give us our claim tickets by default when these tests are running for a whole week.  Perhaps give us the same number of claim tickets we had earned in the previous week, so no one gets a windfall of tickets that they would have never otherwise obtained?


That being said, I expect we will get nothing at all.  :classic_sad:



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Day 2

2nd day of this beta same thing happens when i que up. this time im in blue bl trying to get to red bl @9pm est and there was no one in que but i became unlucky #1 in que and got to wait10mins for it to pop. When it does and I hit travel i get to go to the back of the line and insta reque at 14th in line.

30 more mins of waiting yipeee!


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