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Teams Locked on reset

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For both betas in NA most of our Guild has been unable to get on to map because we get a golden lock symbol over all the maps that basically says "your team is locked and you need to select" but we all had selected for beta 1 and confirmed for both beta 2 and 3.  By the time we got the ability to log in, the map we chose was 60 queued.


If it helps we generally queue from guild hall.

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yea the lock thing  happened to everyone in my guild as well and when it unlocked there was a high que number(40's -60's) but that dropped relatively quick . My problem was the insta reque i got when i clicked on travel. Went from 1 in que to travel to 43 @9:04 and still waiting now @9:26, I'm 32 in que for showing up 20 mins early. 😞 I am in LA.

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