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know whats fun about the beta?

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4 hours ago, Rabbitsocks.3726 said:

sitting in a repeating queue  for hours when all the rest of my guild is running. thanks for that gold lock icon anet. that was the BEST thing EVER. now i can sit outside the map wile everyone else ether repeats the queue over and over with me or actually plays world vs world.

Were you in Armistice Bastion by chance?

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Don't know why it happens but ran into this in the previous betas as well as this one. If you have the gold lock icon, go to the tab that allow you to select your wvw guild, you don't have to do anything there if you have already selected your guild, just open it and then got back to the tab where you select what map you are going to and the lockout should be gone. Again don't know why it works but it did for our members and myself whenever they had this issue.

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