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MASSIVE SKILLLAGS in large fights

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This ain`t fun any more, in large fights (50vs50vs50+ (yeah the third team alwyas incing from behind)  there`s no way to cast a single skill. please recode your network code before you do anything else.

but hey, PVE and gemstore works well so i guess WvW issues are ignored same way like the last 10 years

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4 hours ago, Guirssane.7082 said:

"recode your network" as if it was that simple lol

if the serves don`t run a Pentium I it is that simple. Anet knows the issue since 10 years now without doing anything.

The other solution is to cut the Teams. (which might lead into a full dead WvW)

but calling this a Superduper Massive Multiplayer Online Game while it cannot be handled by the game is like selling oranges as sugar.

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If you actually knew about the backend you would know it is all hosted on Amazon AWS EC2 instances. Therefore during heavy load it can only have peak performance for a short burst.

See https://docs.aws.amazon.com/AWSEC2/latest/UserGuide/burstable-credits-baseline-concepts.html

The reason why performance is probably worse with alliance betas is more metrics are being monitored.

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