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Giving every city a festival?

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5 hours ago, TheLadyOfTheRings.9148 said:

That's what I was wondering exactly: could we have 2 new festivals, one in each of those cities, that are both fun and supported by lore? ūüôā¬†I think it's possible, in theory that is.

What festivals are there in Charr and Sylvari lore?  The commonly referred to festival for Charr is Meatoberfest which you can already experience in game all year. Adding any festival in either of these cities would be a sort of retcon. 

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What happened to the Metal legion Tour by the way? They could make a cool festival event with that too. 
Even if it would be Black Citadel only because charr are far too underrated and deserve some love too. 
Maybe rotating festivals in each city could work. However I still miss old Lion's Arch and its charme... 

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On 1/24/2022 at 2:22 PM, Ausar.9542 said:

Which city going to have Praise Joko day?

No, no, what you want is Glaze Joko Day. People make effigies of Joko out of cake, sculpted meat, and other comestibles, which are then slathered in honey or some other sweet glaze and fed to skyscales. It's the proper way to remember Palawa Scrumptious Snacko - as dragon food.

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