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Are you ready for EoD?

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I think I am.

All caught up on the story. I stopped IBS partway through, and waited until the return events so I wouldn’t have to do the rest of the DRMs more than once. Got those done when they were released.

I’ve got 250 extra HPs on every character I’m remotely likely to try a new espec on, though I’ll probably just play the specs I’ve already settled on and geared.

According to GW2Efficiency I have enough mats to build Frostfang and am only 80g shy of Astralaria. I’ve got my fragment of prismatic light. I’m counting that as meaning I’m as prepared as possible to make my EOD legendary axe with the exception of stuff that can only be done in EOD itself.

I think the only thing left is to pick up some snacks for launch day. 😄

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