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I was transferred into other team color during map change

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I am assigned to team "Titan's Staircase" (green in this matchup).


All was "normal", I switched maps a few times.  But a few minutes ago I switched from EBG to our greem home map  and was placed on the green Titan's Staircase in the blue spawn (Stonefall border).  All blue players have a "Stonefall" in their wvw rank names and are friendly (they can not attack me and I can not attack them). However green NPC/players are now enemies and I can not enter any green structures.


And when I check the WvW-panel it still shows that I am assigned to team Titan's staircase.


When I wanted to go back to EBG I could only port to blue keep or blue spawn. Green waypoints were all contested. But after I travelled to blue keep on EBG I was placed back into green spawn and all was normal again.


Before I was temporary blue color, I had seen a few other players that had a team/server name in front their rank/title. My guess: Those players were also placed into the wrong team color when they changed map.


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