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An honest "Alliances" question


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Greetings there,

No - this is not an alliance-bashing thread or question, I am simply asking a very simple question: Why do we need Alliances?


I am on EU on Gunnar's Hold - mostly paired with Fissure of Woe, and the action and the server balance was USUALLY 40-30-30 whoever we are matched against (there is always an overperforming server and the other two are kinda there). Also, it was very solo-friendly (except if you stumble on keeps during prime time obv) - I've been playing for quite some time in WvW now and it is rather infuriating to attempt to play as a roamer on almost any map (unless you're Home flipping some camps).


So yes - why are Alliances deemed necessary by ArenaNet and consequently by the community as well?

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Have you bothered with checking how other servers are/were doing?


I mean, you literally answered your question yourself: 

there is always an overperforming server and the other two are kinda there


The mode is not designed to be solo friendly. That was/is just a biproduct of lacking player counts on shrinking servers and offhours.


In case of Gunnars and FoW: The pairing is totally overstacked atm. Glad you are having fun, now go ask the oponnent servers how fun it is to run into overstacked oponents.

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That's the thing, we are currently not stacked for obvious Alliance reasons - FoW is indeed carrying GH. I am not here saying "my server's kitten is bigger than yours" - on any pairing, we were usually #1 or #2 (Germans tend to run late-night groups).


But currently, in Alliances, it is simply all stacks of players everywhere (I did not even choose an Alliance) - and small groups of everyone everywhere, meaning solo roaming, or, at times, small group roaming is neigh impossible.


The question still remains though: What is the point of Alliances? I am genuinely curious - not bashing or ranting, genuinely asking the question.

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13 minutes ago, ysnake.3619 said:

The question still remains though: What is the point of Alliances? I am genuinely curious - not bashing or ranting, genuinely asking the question.

And I wasnt ranting about your servers kitten. I was stating facts. If one server has 4000 people and another server has 2000 people, the purpose of world restructuring (not alliances) is to make it two "equal" servers of 3000 people. It's that simple. The server with 4000 people is the cause. High tier servers are high tier for a reason.

Links already does that in part, but just like a 27" monitor at 720p they dont really have the resolution to make it good.

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Basically the Worlds been out of what since launch, and somehow keep finding new ways to get worse. Back when they started the talk about this the first time, they posted a picture where they just put all the Worlds next to each other in a graph, without names. And basically different worlds ranged from 500 to 5000 or so in population.

Players naturally gravitate toward stacking, because it creates "low risk" gameplay, where they can dominate and outnumber. And a server is supposedly to be average at around 2500 players (if average play hours), but has no real breaks or limits past the "Full World" mechanic.

Basically, it's shown itself for 10 years now, to be completely impossible to balance.

The main purpose of World-Restructure is to split the game into a whole lot of smaller (500 man max) chunks, so they can have a system make new groups out of those chunks, and try to make the numbers closer (to around 2500 players with average hours).

It's not perfect, coverage remains a problem they haven't started on yet, and will be crucial to actually get some kind of balanced matches. But they've said they will look into that once they got the base system working.

TLDR: Players instinctually fubared any resemblance to "balance" between worlds before launch even, and ANet is trying to figure out a system we will break "less".

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3 hours ago, ysnake.3619 said:

 Why do we need Alliances?

Server links and World Restructuring is needed because over time the playing population has decreased, leaving gaps that cause matches to be non-competitive and not fun.  Think of it as a different form of server merging in other MMOs.  Instead of always merging servers every time the population gets too low, the game will instead dynamically adjust.

Alliances are needed to allow groups of players to be able to still play together when servers are removed otherwise we'd all end up being merged onto teams completely randomly.

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