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Need more Awesome Looking Armor sets

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13 minutes ago, Rukia.4802 said:

Anything without a buttcape/buttflap/genitalflap/genitalcape/whateverdumbassaddition is fine by me. 


Less is more, ANet..


     Not always, and it really really depends on personal taste since fashion is subjective. For example, I love the new Midnight Hunter outfit because I am a general fan of Long coats, Business looks, Victorian era stuff, and Gothic looks which the new outfit does perfect for me for the Victorian/Long coat, Gothic side. So, I am generally happy with what Anet puts out since most of it matches my style.

     And before anyone comments here kittenly, yes, all my characters are female, and I love to dress them up this way. I like/prefer classy/dressy looks on females over the more red light district ones some games love to give out.

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