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What are some hard gameplay focused achievements/titles to go for?

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Well, I guess the Migraine achievement is the only one related to story / open world.

There's the Fractal and Raid challenge mode achievements.

And then there's the titles from Queen's Gauntlet.

Oh, almost forgot the SAB tribulation mode achievements, if you're into that kind of difficult.

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I don't know if this is hard for everyone but I have yet to manage the hidden achievement in the final fight of PoF.  It's a mechanical issue for me, not skill.  I can beat the boss without the widget.  The problem is I have to use my special action key to do a necessary mechanic, and the same key re-equips the widget, which then gets used in auto attack and voids the achieve.  (Deliberately vague to avoid spoilers, it's old news to many but there are new players among us).  It can only be done by the instance owner, too, so I can't cheese it by having someone else do it while I just dps.

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Fatebreaker - Ascended recycling. It can be done with gold, but even then it requires quite a fortune to complete. The rewards is pretty cool though.
Rolling Ace - Can be quite tricky to obtain. Requires some skill with the beetle.
Leader of the Yak - WvW. Not many people have it.
Finely Crafted - Can be a little tricky. Probably the most annoying time-gate in the game. Should be started within the first weeks of GW2.

End of the road - very expensive and/or grindy.
Carry the CreatorChannel the CreatorComplement the CreatorConquer the Creator - no clue how to lure them into your party. I have not seen one of these shy people in the last 2 years. But I heard it is possible.

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since you got leave no hero behind, might as well get Dances with Demons.

then You can probably get the Raid achievement titles for quick yet harder Title.

And, there is

Envoy Herald, Fractal God, God of WvW which requires some dedication.

but God of Arena stand out the most.

Good Luck

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