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8 hours ago, Chrysaliss.8720 said:

Even if you play on a server that has 1 player that plays WvW and you get matched with other server that have 1 player play WvW. That is a good outcome. It is balanced.

If you join a random group that you have no information about and it has 10 people play WvW and get matched against groups that have 100 people. Then it becomes unplayable.

Maybe im not getting it, but still noone explained how it works.


Right now, the matchups are not very close so there may be 100 people playing WvW Vs a server with 50 Vs a server with 40.

One of the main goals of alliances is to make the matchups more fair so when alliances are actually added and people are playing it for real, those matchups will be closer to that 10v10v10 or 100v100v100 so when alliances is a thing the choice won't matter for you since they should all be far more balanced than they currently are.


Since alliances isn't in yet and there has been no time to gather accurate data, my best suggestion for you is to whisper anybody you play WvW with and ask what their matchup is like. Or you could make a forum post asking which world you should join.

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19 hours ago, Mortime.1359 said:

As a casual with no guild this WvW beta has been the most unfun I have ever had in this game in the 7 years I've been playing it on and off for. Honestly it has been miserable.

The last beta was almost as bad...took the week off...pretty much doing the same this week....except still sitting in TS with the people I used to play with.... visiting, chatting, etc.

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