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Healer renegade in fractals ?


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I was thinking, how likely is it a pug would accept it for t4s ? I mean other than quickness and aegis, which can be provided by a quickbrand, wouldn’t it be better as a healer than firebrand ? Perma projectile block, bigger heals, better cleanses, more cc etc, or am I wrong ? Also the ability for dwarf stance and perma stability, Soulcleave adding a lot of dmg, etc.

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The lack of Aegis and the higher complexity to put out good heals makes it worse than HB in practice.  HB is great because it’s flexible and can provide everything besides Alacrity from the Rev, albeit in smaller quantities when it comes to some things (CC, projectile block).  Heal Ren on the other hand is decent and can solo heal T4s for sure, but is in less demand simply because it’s harder to pull off and the lack of Aegis means people are more likely to down even though the raw heals from Ren are stronger (also FB heals aren’t weak either, so Aegis + good heals is a powerful combo). 


also the added damage from Soulcleave is negligible at this point due to the horrendous CD nerf they put on its effect. 

people might take you for regular T4s without a problem, but you might run into issues if you’re trying for T4s+ CMs as those groups are usually more selective about what they want 

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