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[EU][PvX] Make Tea Not War [TEA] gathering teadrinkers for the new expansion!

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Looking for a community to play with? Join ”Make Tea Not War” today! Warning: High tea consumption may cause frequent bathroom breaks. Members also suffer from bad puns and jumping puzzle addictions.

Are you able to multitask tea drinking with chat typing and adventuring? Then you’re welcome to join us!

This is a community guild. All members are welcome and encouraged to host and join in on events. Can be anything from doing story together to pvp and raids. We are basically a friendly community group that has fun playing gw2 together (other games can also occur…)


These are our current events:

  •  On Fridays 8 pm CET we do guild missions (a la Finexen)! Think it's a very nice social event where you get to know your fellow tea drinkers better.
  •  Dungeon runs
  • Fashion contests, hide and seek etc
  • Endgame content such as Guildraids, where both experienced and inexperienced members are welcome. For these end game events there’s certain build and gear requirements.
  •  Some members also enjoy pvp and wvw. However wvw is not organized currently in the guild. 


So, what is the guild TEA?

A social PvX guild that focuses on a friendly atmosphere no matter the game mode. Our guild is a community that has both members who enjoy playing the game casually and competitively and are experienced. So in short it's a community for all. Our guilds growth is kept on a balance so it has a feeling where everyone knows everyone, at the same time as we want to make sure to have active members and hosts for our events. 

  •  We use discord. 

  •  Members from all over Europe!

  •  We have a guild hall with jumping puzzles. When the third expansion comes we will swap to the new guildhall and make new decoration projects! 

If we sound like your cup of tea, please contact: 

/Finexen (Accountname: Finexen.3789) Guldorable (Accountname: Guld.5874)

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