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(EU) lf fractal+cm/raid guild


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I search for a nice chill T4+cm guild for daily runs arround 7pm cet.

I did 3 times CM and wanna more practice to run them daily.

I run mostly hfb can alac too if needed


Also i want back to raiding after a long break.


Looking also forward for weekky strikes and EoD strikes.


 I got Teamspeak and discord 


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hello, its not an guild but I'm taking an initiative to start a small fractal group of 5 people and so far I have 2/5, we have little to no exp with cm and would like to progress towards it. For now we plan to do only t4s regularly and get used to normal 98,99,100 and then practice cms if we complete t4s/recs early or on weekends. But we start 1.5hrs early and done by the time u mentioned if that is something u can adapt with.

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